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Jul 27, 2010 11:35pm EDT
college graduate, studying for a masters degree. maryland police say he is also a killer, whose victims include two pairs of mothers and daughters. scott, they say, studied police forens forensics, to learn how to hide his crimes. and the data base from his job at ups, to identify potential targets. pierre thomas has the story on a cerebral serial killer suspect. >> reporter: the horror began on january 26th 2009, as an intruder slipped in. karen lofton, a 45-year-old nurse, was fatally shot as he tried to hide in this corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as he frantically dialed 911 from her bed. police were perplexed. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. neighbors were terrified. >> so when they catch them, i'll be afraid. >> reporter: two months later, the bodies of dell lorless dewitt and her 20-year-old daughter were found in a burning car. another nurse, and a daughter, killed. >> i'll tell you that mrs. scott presented us with a very challenging ability to identify him. >> reporter: today, this man, jason thomas scott, was charged in the murder
Jul 20, 2010 11:35pm PDT
college football player at the university of maryland, kevin decided that the cotton t-shirts he was wearing at practice were just too sweaty. what made you think -- who cares about a cotton t-shirt, that you sweat through? >> well, i was pretty short and slow, and so my incentive was giving me that little bit of an advantage. >> reporter: so, he made shirts with synthetic fabric that would wick away the sweat. he didn't invent the fabric. he just made the shirts. >> i'll make them up, send a few out, and i thought it was going to be easy. and the fact of the matter is, it doesn't work like that. >> reporter: he wracked up $40,000 in credit card debt in his grandmother's basement. and a ton of hard work. but i saw first hand, plank is a guy who seems to like hard work. maybe too much. >> all right, so, welcome to combine training. this is going to be -- it's going to hurt a little bit. >> reporter: great. all mill interviews hurt a little bit. this one will be worse. >> no question. not as much up here. >> reporter: he invited me to one of his corporate workout sessions. i stupidly a
Jul 5, 2010 11:35pm EDT
heat wave that's left much of the country sweltering. from massachusetts to maryland and here in new york city, temperatures have reached high up into the 90s, even hitting triple digits in new jersey. and they're expected to soar over 100 degrees in several cities in the next few days. the stifling heat and all that air conditioning will likely cause major stress to the power grid. with record usage expected when most americans return to work tomorrow. the message is to stay cool, drink lots of water and watch out for seniors and children who are particularly vulnerable. speaking of children, we turn to a story, now, about babies, and whether they're able to learn inside the womb. it's called prenatal learning. and for expectant couples eager for every last competitive edge, it's never too early to start. but do these products really deliver on those great expectations? david wright went looking for answers. >> where's greenland? there it is. yeah, lilly. >> reporter: for those who say you're never too young to learn, try plugging the search term smart baby into youtube. it may give
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)